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Our philosophy

Quality & Respect for Our Terroirs

As a wine merchant our philosophy is to team up with winegrowers who are the most respectful of winemaking traditions and specific terroirs and who practice reasoned viticulture, in order to gain access to top quality vineyards.

Conscious of harvesting and wine ageing conditions, our oenologist Romain Duvernay has spent many years roaming the area, in his quest for the most amazing wine estates of the Rhône Valley and the best vinified grape varieties.

Using his know-how, he acts as an adviser to winegrowers and blend wines while taking care of respecting all terroirs characteristics from each appellation and highlighting the expression of each grape variety, in order to offer the best associations for typical wines of the Rhône valley: intense, fruity and complex…





Besides our selection of quality, we focus more particularly on the needs and expectations of our customers. Listening to markets evolutions, to our consumers’ expectations conveyed to us by our importers and distributors, we focus on using the very complete and extensive range of the Rhône Valley in order to offer ready to enjoy wines and fine wines, taking care of matching with subtlety dishes from around the world with wines from our region.